Authentic South Indian Sambar Recipe.

authentic south indian sambhar recipe

I. Introduction of sambar recipe South Indian cuisine is renowned for its vibrant flavors and diverse array of dishes. One iconic dish that holds a special place in South Indian cuisine is sambar recipe. This delicious and aromatic lentil-based soup is a staple in households and restaurants alike. Its unique blend of spices and tangy … Read more

Mooli Parantha-unfold the flavours of indian cuisine

mooli parantha

Juicy and crispy layer of Radish/Mooli Parantha makes mouth water on hearing, Radish Parantha is a popular parantha in Indian Paranthas like (Aloo Ka Parantha, Cabbage Parantha, Paneer Parantha) If you want to keep this healthy then you can use wheat flour, if you want to eat more crispy then you can use refined flour. … Read more